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Pos Software

With numerous POS software companies claiming that theirs is the best in the market, it might be challenging for new business owners to pick one that suits their needs. Although we do not claim to have the best POS software, we can assure you that we offer unique features to meet your business needs.

Ours is one of the best POS systems for retail outlets in Australia, and here’s why.

Workforce Management

Staff management is one of the most challenging tasks for small business owners. From having to accurately calculate their salaries to monitoring their productivity level and tracking their attendance, the list is endless.

With our POS system, you can ensure that you don’t pay your staff too much or too little, and you can eliminate excess wage costs in your business. Our staff management feature also allows you to make announcements and communicate with your staff easily.

You can conveniently create duties and assign them to your staff, and calculate your staffing costs correctly. You can also send roasters to your team via SMS or email and send messages at the time and attendance kiosk.

Inventory Management

Another challenging task for business owners is inventory management. Without putting a sound inventory management system in place, you’ll continue to order things you don’t need while missing out on the frequently demanded products.

We have a POS system with integrated stock control to handle food items, beverages, and other products with ease. The POS software can also handle tasks like stock taking. Once the system completes the counting process, it sends the report to the stock module to process.

For instance, when certain items are depleted to a preset amount, it can send a notification to the system admin or place the order for a restock.

Our POS system also allows you to record stock delivery and record information such as quantity, temperature, and weight of the delivered stock.

Easy Customization

Some POS software is complex to understand, and customizing them to suit your business needs can be time-wasting. Simple tasks such as adding products, updating product prices, or requesting reports take more than just a few minutes on some POS systems.

It is also possible to integrate existing company software like attendance management, sales management, printers, payroll packages, and payment systems into our POS system.

Other Possible Customization includes

  • Adding images and new items and arranging items into categories
  • Customizing available items to put in orders quickly
  • Recreating your venues table layout ensure that you assign orders to the correct table
  • Simulate the entire POS functionality without tampering with your live trade or stock levels.

Driving Incremental Sales

Another factor that makes ours rank among the best POS software in Australia is integrating with new technologies like order display monitor, booking system, ordering at tables, etc.

The order display monitor (ODM) gives the admin complete control over the entire order queue. It is designed to optimize efficiency, improve accuracy, and help your customers enjoy seamless customer services from your business.

You can also create promos and offers for customers who meet specific purchase criteria by generating barcoded vouchers. It is also possible to set up promos that allow a group of items to be sold at set prices at the POS.

POS systems offer several benefits for small business owners. If you have decided to get one for your business, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. If you need more details on our POS systems, contact us to book a free demo. 

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