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Organizational consultation definition

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Organizational consulting is a professional service that helps businesses and organizations restructure their overall operations. Organizational consulting addresses the proficiency and skills of each staff member in a business or organization.

Consulting entails actions of people, the relationship between the people and the organization as well as the result. Organizational consulting addresses issues objectively and recommends possible solutions to them.

Process Consultation

Process consultation is the creation of a relationship with clients that permits the client to perceive, understand, and act on the process event that occurs in the client’s internal and external environment to improve the situation as defined by the client.

Emphasis is placed on the process of the employees that includes communication and leadership. It focuses on helping employees especially in areas they do not know but which can adversely affect their goal achievement.

Process consultation in the educational field aims at improving interpersonal and group procedures used by the tutors and parents to reach their educational objectives.

This effort is achieved with the help of a process consultant. A process consultant is a trained professional who helps businesses and design prototypes to test proposed process improvement.

These professionals design what is a replica of the main thing which is a simulation to test how feasible and reliable a proposition can be.

Process consultation is said to be successful only when the recipient of the process can work as a group and independently to achieve their respective desired objectives. 

In process consultation, there are several principles to adopt. These include:

  • Always try to be helpful, show empathy. Remember that in life, we all need help.
  • In trying to achieve a goal, we mustn’t lose sight of the reality of things. Never set a goal that’s not achievable. Set feasible and achievable goals.
  • In trying to help, it is possible to get carried away by the situation of things forgetting that the problem is the clients’. Always remember that the client owns the problem and the solution, you are just there to guide.
  • In all that we do, timing is crucial. Set deadlines for intervention and resolution and try to meet this deadline. It is also important to see how the timing affects the client.
  • While putting others through, we learn. Never forget that learning is a continuous process. Be willing and ready to learn even from your clients.
  • No one is an island, as such no one knows it all. When in doubt, share the problem. Talk to others about it and be willing to accept help.

 Organizational Development

This the study and implementation of practices that impact organizational change. It involves an ongoing process of effecting positive changes to an organization. It helps organizations build the ability to change and achieve greater feats by improving and developing their strategies and methods. 

Organizational development has several objectives which include:

  • Strengthening interpersonal trust, communication, and bond amongst team members for organizational development.
  • Organizational development helps to increase employees’ level of satisfaction thereby increasing their level of commitment to the organization.
  • Organizational development teaches team members to confront problems and to seek means of resolution rather than ignoring them.
  • Conflicts are bound to arise especially between people who work together. However, managing these disputes can be challenging. With the help of organizational development skills, employees and coworkers can manage these conflicts effectively.
  • Organizational development helps improve cooperation and collaboration amongst team members. It helps them work as a team as well as developing each member of staff independently.
  • The major goal of organizational development is to increase organizational performance. It strengthens the organization to be able to solve both its internal and external challenges. 

For organizational development, the scientific method of inquiry, search for causes, experimentation, and review of results are essential.

The ultimate goal of process consultation is to establish an effective helping relationship. We all need help be it in our personal lives or businesses. Sometimes, this help has to be sought professionally. Process consultants exist to help us through and lessen our burdens.

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Organizational consultation definition